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Bari Tessler Heart & Soul – Money Healing
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Bari Tessler Heart & Soul – Money Healing

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“My wealth is in my family” ~Bari Tessler

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Because money is a topic that can be quantified, it tends to spark intense emotions in people, both positive and negative. That’s why today I’m very excited to share my interview with Bari Tessler, a courageous woman who teaches one of the most essential and yet often misunderstood topics of all times, money healing. Bari is also someone who embodies a powerful combination of compassion and vulnerability in a way that allows others to open up and share their money stories and wounds with her so that healing can take place. I invite you to listen to her ideas around money and wealth in hopes that you gain a deeper understanding about the one subject that is never taught at school.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • The catalyst that propelled Bari to seek wisdom around the topic of Money
  • How being a sensitive person helped shape her model of the world
  • Why you don’t need to start off as an expert in a field to become an expert in it
  • Bari’s beautiful definition of true wealth
  • The top seven areas that affect people’s relationship with money
  • What is the wisdom in understanding the money seasons of life
  • Important considerations for having joint vs separate bank accounts with a partner
  • The #1 most powerful advice for managing money with your life partner

  • Bari Tessler – Financial Therapist & Mentor Coach

    Bari Tessler, M.A., is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and the founder of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method: Tools For Financial Transformation™. She offers online money programs as well as private Financial Therapy for women, couples, and creative-preneurs.

    Bari holds a Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University. She originally worked as a body-centered therapist, leading authentic movement groups, working in Hospice and later ran a bookkeeping practice.

    In 2001, Bari founded Conscious Bookkeeping, based on her 3 Doorways for Financial Transformation: Financial Therapy (Money Healing), Values Based Bookkeeping (Money Practices) and Life Vision Planning (Money Maps).

    The business quickly grew from a one-woman operation into a team of six other accounting, psychology, coaching, and investment professionals. Then, with the birth of her son in 2008, Bari successfully evolved back into a one-woman rockin’ show as a mommypreneur, updating her business model to honor the importance of spending lots of time with her family.

    Her teaching combines practical action steps, a wealth of therapeutic experience, and game-changing inspiration to help her clients transform their relationships with money, body, mind and spirit.

    Connect with Bari:

    On Her site: baritessler.com

    On Twitter: @Baritessler

    On Facebook: facebook.com/baritessler

    Her programs: baritessler.com/programs