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Jackie Dumaine Heart & Soul – Yoga of the Heart
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Jackie Dumaine Heart & Soul – Yoga of the Heart

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“I’m not afraid to turn 40, I feel more graceful as I age” ~Jackie Dumaine

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Part of the beauty in life is the inherent ability we all have to let our true heart shine by letting go of what we’re not. My friend Jackie Dumaine is a radiant example of this and living proof that when you connect your heart’s yearning with your purpose, you’re allowed to create a life that is fulfilling while serving others. Jackie is someone I’ve wanted to connect for a while and I’m incredibly grateful about what she shared and how true her words feel with my own life experience. I invite you to ignite your heart with her story and her honest example of seeking and finding truth.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • A very possible (and fixable) cause for many people who are labeled as depressed
  • The defining moment that awoke her to a new life of purpose and sharing of her gifts
  • A simple practice that allowed Jackie to be far more fulfilled with far less stuff
  • What’s the beauty in allowing truth to emerge, even when it’s different from the truth you knew
  • Jackie’s philosophy on what allows her to shine light and radiance as a woman
  • Why there’s excitement and deep beauty in moments of crisis
  • An incredibly easy and fast way to feel inspired

  • Jackie Dumaine – Yogi-Preneur & Founder of The Yoga Code

    After five years of working in the hectic and sometimes ruthless industry of advertising and media, Jackie left her six-figure career in 2010 and traveled to an ashram in India where she spent five weeks studying yoga and meditation.

    This experience sparked her journey as a spiritual entrepreneur. Determined to live a life full of meaning and purpose, she began to design her life around her passions where she could not only create a living but also contribute to a better world. Her adventure began with co-founding Stillness Room, a meditation furniture company based in Calgary, Alberta. This soon led to partnerships with spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav.

    Her most recent project, The Yoga Code, draws from the wisdom she discovered in ancient yogic texts while studying in India. In this 12 Week Yoga Inspired Life Coaching program, Jackie quides her clients on a journey of self-discovery. She has now made this her life’s work.

    Her mission? Inspiring others to live a fearless and peaceful life, using the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy. Her goal is to teach others that yoga is so much more than the physical postures

    we associated it with in the West. “I’m not perfect and I’m certainly not a Guru. I believe that

    we teach what we need to learn”. Jackie lives in Calgary, Alberta where she leads a full life as a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator and Yoga Inspired Life Coach.

    Connect with Jackie:

    On Her site: JackieDumaine.com

    On Twitter: @JackieDumaine

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