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Heather Thorkelson Heart & Soul – Living Your Life Your Way
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Heather Thorkelson Heart & Soul – Living Your Life Your Way

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Living Your Life Your Way With Heather Thorkelson

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Heather is a passionate, vibrant and alive woman who lives her truth and shines out life. That’s the easiest and most direct way I can describe her. As someone who had to build a tremendous amount of inner strength through her life experiences as a child, she’s found a way to repurpose her talents in the service of others. Perhaps what I admire most about her is that she’s a rare mixture of transparency and freedom whose center of power is not externally based. I know you’ll find the depth of her wisdom to be as refreshing as it is inspiring. Enjoy!


Some key insights from this interview:

  • How her own search for freedom led her to help others find freedom too
  • Why she decided to make location independence a pillar in her life
  • Her beautiful definition of being rich, learned from traveling around the world
  • What her experience with HIV positive women in Africa taught her about life
  • Why being in it for the long haul makes a radical difference in embracing uncertainty
  • How not seeing her mother from age 10 to age 20 ended up being a gift in disguise

Heather Thorkelson – Business Strategist & Architect of Freedom

heather2 Heather is a business strategist, experiential learning enthusiast and architect of freedom. Even though a dog person, she’s a bit like a cat in that she has lived many different lives. By the age of 32 she had been to all seven continents, lived in 6 different countries, and taken a number of different professions for a test drive, only to realize that she was an entrepreneur at heart.

Heather is particularly passionate about experiential learning and runs life-changing Adventure Reboot Retreats for a handful of courageous entrepreneurs in Iceland & Peru each year, helping her clients flip the switch to chart lives + careers they really, truly, radically LOVE. Heather can currently be found leading an eclectic, spontaneous, self-designed life running her location-independent business two blocks from the ocean in Peru.

Connect with Heather:

On her site: HeatherThorkelson.com
On Twitter: @heatherlyone
On Facebook:

Check out her Upcoming Retreats:

Peru Retreat April 2013
Iceland Retreat August 2013