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Rebecca Murphy Heart & Soul – Simply Rebecca
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Rebecca Murphy Heart & Soul – Simply Rebecca

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“Inside every single one of us, there is something beautiful” ~Rebecca Murphy

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Rebecca is one of those people I made a conscious decision to connect immediately after admiring a couple of her photographs. As an artist deeply in tune with her own truth, she has a unique and deeply beautiful way of expressing her world. Once I got a chance to connect with her online, I knew she had something incredibly beautiful to share that is as vulnerable and deep as it is unpretentious. It is with an immense sense of gratitude that I share her soul, wisdom and light with you today.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • How she went from a 9-5 life to enjoying the freedom of being her own boss
  • What is the beauty in the moment before a personal breakthrough
  • Rebecca’s method for creating a space for inspiration to shine through
  • Why you need to honor your itch
  • Why not being afraid of being wrong is essential to help others crete change
  • The deepest gifts she received through her darkest moments
  • What is the beauty in dissatisfaction
  • Why gratitude exists despite what is wrong in the world

  • Rebecca Murphy – Artist, Dreamer & Life Coach

    Rebecca is a life coach and photographer with a yen for travel. She’s a momma to two amazing pups and lives with her partner in the woods of CT. When she’s not doing work she loves you can find her in her garden, kayaking or mastering the art of instant photography.

    After following all the rules and well worn paths (aside from a 6 month detour to New Zealand that blew her mind wide open) Rebecca found herself stuck in a revolving pattern of one 9-5 job after another, none of which did much to excite her. When she just couldn’t take it any more she took a major leap of faith and started her own photography business. No one was more surprised than her when she actually rocked at it. With a new-found sense of confidence Rebecca started listening to the other dreams she’d long since stopped believing in and realized she had a lot more to give. Once again her path zigged instead of zagged, but she finds herself today a Martha Beck trained coach and loving every minute of it.

    Rebecca is an artist and adventurer who helps women reconnect to their inner truth so they can lead lives they’re proud of. She uses her passion for photography as a tool for self expression, self discovery, and as a means of inspiring others. Her new e-course, Storyteller, will bring her worlds of coaching and photography together for the first time when it opens for registration this December. In it participants will use their own photos, both old and new, to uncover the stories they’ve been living and start creating new ones. Rebecca shares her journey on her blog at www.rebeccamurphy.net

    Connect with Rebecca:

    On Her site: Rebeccamurphy.net

    On Twitter: @Symplyrebeccatw

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