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Srinivas Rao Heart & Soul – Things You Were Not Taught In School

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“When you’re inauthentic long enough, eventually you start living a lie” ~Srinivas Rao

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I have the honor today to share the insight and wisdom of a true friend, Srinivas Rao. Srini has been one of the most supportive people of my work going back to the time I started my site. He has a rare combination of generosity, humility, friendship and knowledge that are not easy to come by. On his show (BlogcastFM) he’s interviewed some of the most successful bloggers and content creators in the world and has also picked up an insane amount of life lessons that he openly shares through his interviews and his posts on his other site I have a good feeling that you will connect with his story, his quest for truth and freedom, and his love for life and surfing.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • Why the conventional road is often a path to an unfulfilled life
  • Some unexpected and awesome rewards from following his calling
  • The vital importance of being in the moment in surfing and in life
  • How to surround yourself with incredibly inspiring people no matter where you live
  • The biggest insight that took his show to over 70,000 downloads per month
  • The power of supportive people who light a fire under you
  • The dangerous pitfalls of pleasing people

About Srinivas Rao – Host & Co-Founder of Blogcast FM

Srinivas Rao (aka “Srini”) is the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM, the entrepreneur’s podcast where he shares proven strategies to grow a business by conducting one-on-one interviews with some of the best minds online and off. He started his blog, The Skool of Life, in April of 2009 where he shares valuable insights, ideas and real-life lessons that are usually not taught in school. His writing has been featured on a number of popular personal development and social media blogs such as Dumb Little Man, Problogger, and several others. He’s a regular contributor at the Adage 150 blog GROW, has spoken at BlogWorld and was recognized on Problogger’s annual list as one of 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011. When he’s not talking with amazing people, he’s riding waves.

Connect with Srini:

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On Twitter: @skooloflife

On Twitter: @blogcastfm

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@mayicarles thanks Mayi :). Glad you enjoyed it. It's fun to be on the other side of the mic every now and then

Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

So many amazing takeaways from this interview - from simply riding the wave of life to making authentic connections online and off. Thank you for another inspiring interview, Bern, and for connecting me with Srinivas' insightful words!


@MyMiBoSo thank you :). Hope you enjoyed the interview


@suddenlyjamie @skooloflife Thank you very much sweet Jamie!! <3 U friend!


thank Y♡U Bern & Srini for this honest, open, intelligent conversation*!

Nature (the Ocean~~) is to know One-ness - Presence.  Love the wisdom shared, keep shining your Light & Beauty.

Monica Lee
Monica Lee

I love the "be in the moment" in the ocean it kicks your butt! And I love the Mayi and Maria shout outs!


Hey Bernardo,


Thanks so much for  having me on the show. You really ask some amazing questions.  It's always fun when I get to be on the other side of the mic. It's been truly a joy to have you as a friend  and watch your show evolve.  You're up to some amazing things.  


Best 40 minutes I've spent all week! And the video didn't cut out 1/2 way for once! 

Amazing interview. My mood changed and I actually got an insight that I'll be applying to what I do when I pull things back together in the near future.

Can't agree more about having relationships that build you up. I've learned just recently that even though I can work alone, I can't stand it! I need the energy of other people - their ups and downs, insights, talents, quirkiness, etc. to keep me going. 

And water! Can't live without the ocean! I wish I lived year round in the tropics 'cause I need the freedom of the ocean. 

Thanks so much for providing a lift for me today!! 

Keep being yourselves...'cause nobody else does it as well! :)