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How to live from your heart / Heart & Soul with @MindieKniss

I have the incredible honor to share with you the depth and warmth of a soul that is as unique as it is radiant: Mindie Kniss. Mindie is a beautiful person whose mission in life has been to help awaken people to their deepest truth by reminding them how to connect with their heart. I invite you to invest a few minutes today to listen with heart and mind to what she has to share.

I first learned about Mindie, a few months ago when I shared a video post titled Lessons from a 3 foot Giant, Sean Stephenson. In one of the four videos I shared on my post, this hero of mine (Sean) proposed to Mindie. I immediately googled her and visited her site and her Youtube channel and realized pretty quickly that she was someone with a very special energy and with great deal of practical wisdom to learn from. We became Facebook friends and finally were able to record this video interview last week.

To say that I am happy we connected would be an understatement. I guarantee that you will have at least one if not more than one “a-ha” moment when you listen to her. I ask you to not just listen to what she shares but to who she is and the peace and kindness she emanates. I also encourage you to find a way to put to practice what she speaks about because it can have an immediate effect in your ability to enjoy life and live your truth.

You can learn more about Mindie, her coaching practice or her  by visiting:

Her website, Youtube Channel and by following her on Twitter

You can also learn more about Heart Path, the awesome experiential program Mindie will be conducting in Sedona, Arizona from November 11th-13th.


Betsy Cross
Betsy Cross

Hey Bernardo, Mindie is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing her today (yesterday?). I don't agree that there is a "soul mate", but I do know that there is a type of person who fits you best. Every relationship requires work. But I loved how she talked about preparing for that person. That was great and I'm sure very helpful to people who wonder how to attract that type of person into their life. Thanks! Betsy


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