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Sarah Bray Interview – Building A Nation
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Sarah Bray Interview – Building A Nation

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“If you knew somebody well enough, you would love them” -Sarah Bray

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Building a Nation With Sarah Bray

I’ve been a subscriber to Sarah Bray’s list for a while now and I’ve always been intrigued in learning more about in this incredibly creative woman who manages to speak her truth so powerfully and with such a unique voice. Last week I had a chance to have a deep conversation with her about what matters most to her and what gives her the ability to create powerful and meaningful work with soul. Aside from finding her answers a powerful invitation be yourself, I think you’ll find Sarah to be a kind and beautiful human being who’s creating her own path by living true to her heart.

Some Key Insights From This Interview:

  • What is “building a nation” and why is Sarah’s work centered around this
  • How Sarah found her voice and what drives her create uniqueness through her work
  • What makes Sarah’s heart sing
  • Why “doing the work” is more important than being brilliant
  • What is the beauty in really getting to know someone
  • The freedom that arises from questioning your own assumptions

About Sarah Bray: Nation Builder, Teacher, Explorer

SarahBrayIn Sarah’s own words: I’m a director of nation-building. I collaborate with people to turn work that matters into thriving, fully-populated nations. I’m also an explorer and a teacher. I am constantly working on my systems to create business utopia for myself and my collaborators, and I develop and teach what I’ve learned (and am learning) on the Tour de Bliss. We go on 4-week group excursions around things like developing a simple and potent content strategy, creating remarkable brand experiences, and making your website do the work.

I love toast, books, my creative family (including my animator-husband and my 3 squishy kids), animated films, musical theater, the great outdoors, my pencil and notebook, and enthusiasm. I am pursuing the kind of life that can’t be explained by anything but a God who loves us all. My favorite color is grass green. I want to live in a cottage on a lake with a field full of poppies outside my back door. My guilty pleasure is reading out loud…bonus points if I get to use an accent (British, of course). I get a lot of practice, because we teach our kids using lots and lots of books. I believe we have nearly 100 checked out of our library at this very moment.

Connect With Sarah & Sign Up To Her Email List:

On her site www.sarahjbray.com
On facebook www.facebook.com/sarahjbray/
On Twitter @sarahjbray

Book Mentioned By Sarah

The Art Of Possibility