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The crazy reframe technique for a richer life

How many times does an unwanted situation or person show up in your life? How many times do you end up feeling pissed about it and even take on the role of a victim? Today I share something simple yet very effective that you can plant the seed for now, so than whenever an unwanted situation shows up in your life you can re-frame it in a way that makes you feel empowered.Watch This Video

How to be happy

The principle of Occam’s Razor states in part that the simplest explanation or hypothesis is usually the best unless sufficient evidence is presented to the contrary. Well, today I have a video that is less than one minute long that masterfully applies this principle I just described to the question of How to be happy? Watch my video for my challenge and then watch the video below.Watch This Video

Three essential questions that yield an extraordinary life

Have you ever stopped to think about what creates an amazing quality of life? When it comes down to it, what is the difference between living a half lived versus a life where you use yourself up completely? Let me give you a hint, it comes down to the quality of peak moments you experience consistently. Today I provide 3 questions that can get you to experience these on a daily basis.Watch This Video

How to cure an unhappy heart

If you or a friend has ever felt hurt, sad or depressed and want to learn two actionable ways of going from hurt to happy in a very short period of time, this post might help. Today I explore some chemical free solutions to create emotions that allow you to share more of yourself with others.Watch This Video

You, the universe and getting what you want

What is they most immediate way to create lasting wealth, health, joy, passion, fulfillment, and gratitude in every area of your life? How can you put your problems into perspective immediately to have a better chance at solving them? Is there a way to attract that which your heart longs for consistently into your life? My video today speaks about two important principles to lessen the effect of problems into your life and simultaneously create an inspiring life from the inside out.Watch This Video