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Why it’s virtually possible to change the past

What if you were able to change the past? What if whatever you feel about the past could change in a heartbeat? Today I share with you a few key distinctions that can allow you to practically and immediately understand that the present moment is the only force driving your life now. What part of your past will you decide to change today?Watch This Video

Enjoy your silence now (60 second video)

This 60 second friday is a chance for you to remember to enjoy the music of silence instead of the noise of criticism. In 60 seconds you can choose to quiet your mind and share your heart. What would your life be like if you could silence yourself more often?Watch This Video

Can you feel the heart of an immigrant today?

My review today explores the heart of those who arrive in this country with nothing and risk everything in order to have a better chance at life. The post I share today has heart and purpose and if you allow it, can open a slight doorway into a world that you might not be too familiar with on a personal level. How could your life be enriched if you fully understood those people in society who only work to serve you?Watch This Video

The secret to un-goal your life and start living your truth

Goals have a definite place and value, the challenge becomes how to go get them while still enjoying today to the fullest. My post today is about learning how to become that which you wish to attract in order to stop postponing life and start living what you most desire now. How would your life change if you were able to get the emotions today that you are ultimately after when you set your goalsWatch This Video

How have you programmed yourself to age?

I believe with all my heart that you will define how powerfully you will age by your thoughts and your actions. I also believe that you get to create the kind of stamina, strength, flexibility and power that matches your inner world. What if it were possible to become stronger as you get older? What is the one ingredient you must have to ensure that you become an example for others in the area of health rather than a warning?Watch This Video