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Heart & Soul with @GeminiAdams – Love is why we’re here

To say I’m excited to share the following interview with my friend Gemini Adams would be a huge understatement. Gemini is such a source of light, radiance, consciousness and love that your heart deserves to know her work and connect with her powerful message.Watch This Video

Can you plant a heart seed today?

How fully awake are you most days? Do you ever, like me, fall into the trap of becoming a zombie without really paying attention to what’s out there for a few hours at a time? My video today is based on the following premise “The quality of your life ultimately comes down to the depth of your giving.” Today I explore an incredibly simple yet profound way to plant a seed in other people’s hearts every single day.Watch This Video

Heart & Soul with @Syndee_Stein – Embrace life fully

It is my great pleasure to have my dear friend Syndee Stein on my blog today. Syndee is an incredibly generous, open and giving soul who has a tremendous amount of insight, intuition and heart to offer the world.Watch This Video

Are you willing to seek the truth this time around?

Who are you at the most essential level? Why are you here? Where do you go when you die? How are you connected at the most fundamental level with a distant galaxy? Why should you care to question the beliefs you were handed down when you were growing up? I discuss my quest to find these answers as well as an invitation for you to do the same.Watch This Video

Philip Berber Interview – Give Yourself Completely

I have the unique privilege of sharing an exclusive interview with social entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist, Philip Berber. Check out what a man who co-founded what is now the 6th most effective philanthropy in the world has to say.Watch This Video