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Can you say it like you mean it?

What would your life look like if you were able to say it all without saying anything really? How great would it be to capture the true essence of a moment and manage to transmit all your love and radiance with very few words? My video today speaks about the incredibly fulfilling process of putting more weight in the energy you communicate than the actual words you use.Watch This Video

Heart & Soul with @SallyHopeSays and @Nataliethecoach

I have the honor to share with you the light and passion of two incredible souls who’ve not just decided to live life on their own terms but also to leave a footprint in the world by being kind. These two beautiful women have embarked on a project across the US to remind strangers of all walks of life that spontaneous, and compassionate acts of kindness still take place today.Watch This Video

How to transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one

What makes the difference between the abundance of moments you can live without and those that play an unreasonably important part of your life? What does it really take to transform an average or mundane event into one you will remember for the rest of your life? Today’s video shares my view on how simple it is to tilt the balance towards having amazing and unforgettable moments.Watch This Video

Is your life a labor of love?

It’s so easy forget where you are going and cut your dreams short in the midst of creating what you want. My video today talks about the inner strength that results from remembering what you are creating. I invite you to watch my video and the two additional videos I am reviewing in order to remember why you do what you do and why it’s ultimately worth it.Watch This Video

The strength and the timelessness of love

You hold the power within your soul to light up the entire universe. You have the strength through your presence to reconnect with an old friend and remind them how amazing they are and how much they mean to you. The question is will you? Today I share a recent experience that reminded me of the incredible timelessness of love.Watch This Video