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How to live from your heart / Heart & Soul with @MindieKniss

I have the incredible honor to share with you the depth and warmth of a soul that is as unique as it is radiant: Mindie Kniss. Mindie is a beautiful person whose mission in life has been to help awaken people to their deepest truth by reminding them how to connect with their heart. I invite you to invest a few minutes today to listen with heart and mind to what she has to share.Watch This Video

The key to harness the power of your inner voice

Today, I share a simple and extremely easy way to reconnect with the most powerful force available to you in terms of guidance and living life in your own terms. When was the last time you listened to and acted based on your inner voice?Watch This Video

How to unleash your sexual radiance / Heart & Soul with @KimAnami

I am extremely excited today to share with you an incredibly beautiful and radiant soul who has so much wisdom to share about life, intimacy and sexual openness, Kim Anami. I highly encourage you to make some time today to listen to this interview in full since Kim is someone who speaks with so much eloquence and depth that you (and your partner if you have one) will benefit tremendously from what she has to share.Watch This Video

Are filling up your heart or your bag? What really matters in life.

What are you spending your time, sweat, energy, focus and life creating? If you are honest with yourself, how much of what you’re striving to achieve, be and have is really nontranscendental? Today my short message focuses on regaining perspective on what really matters most and why you can instantly shift to focus on that too.Watch This Video

Can you sing to life despite the darkness

Are you able to share your song regardless of what has happened in your life. Today I share an amazing experience I had while in Málaga that in a few seconds reminded me of the power we hold within our hearts to not just sing our soul into the world but to change the world through our presence.Watch This Video