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- Part 32
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Author Archives: Bernardo Mendez

Kute Blackson Second Interview – Realize The Gift

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Exactly four months ago I shared my first interview with Kute. I was so moved by the depth of spiritual wisdom he shared that I invited him back to take the conversation deeper. He is the first guest ever to make a repeat appearance on my show and I can guarantee that this is an interview you will not soon forget.

Watch This Video

The heart of the hurricane

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone who loves to hear him/herself speak so much that they don’t really pay attention to your needs and rarely let you get a word in or ask you questions? Today I share how we do this very thing to ourselves and a way to get out ofWatch This Video

Rosie Battista Heart & Soul – Staying Radiant After 40

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Rosie is a wise and beautiful woman who decided to enter a bodybuilding competition when she turned 50 as a way to challenge her identity. Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 60+ I invite you to take her message to heart and see how her message can lift up your own life.Watch This Video

The choice of happiness

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If I were to give you the true secret to happiness I’d be willing to bet that you probably wouldn’t want it. It’s Not that you wouldn’t love to be happy, but you’ve most likely been conditioned to believe that your happiness is dependent on so many thing. In my video today I reveal a true way to happiness that can allow you be happiness and live free.Watch This Video

Amy Clover Heart & Soul – The Choice that Made All the Difference

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Amy has such an inspiring story that as soon as I found out about her I made the decision to invite her over to share it with all of you. She is a courageous and beautiful woman who is a living example that turning your life around is possible.Watch This Video