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Category Archives: Heart and Soul

Dyana Valentine Heart & Soul – Owning Your Why

The best way I can describe my guest today, Dyana Valentine, is as an incredibly vibrant, wise and alive human being. What initially attracted me to invite her to my show is the empowered authenticity and intuitive straightforwardness with wich she shares her work with the world.Watch This Video

Emelie Archer Heart & Soul – Forbidden Freedom

I’m pleasantly impressed with how genuine and alive Emelie is and it is my absolute honor to share her openness, light and radiance with all of you.Watch This Video

Rachel Luna Heart & Soul – Hustle With Heart

I’m really excited to share with you for a second time the glow and the passion of Rachel Luna. Aside from being a good friend of mine, she’s a remarkable human being, a purpose driven author and a woman with a big heart.Watch This Video

Jaimal Yogis – Heart & Soul – Embracing Your Fears

My guest today, Jaimal Yogis, has a fascinating story, from leaving his home at the age of 16 to find his truth in the waves of Maui, to becoming an author and roaming the world in search for what causes fear and how do we use it to our advantage, he really has something valuable to offer: authenticity and drive.Watch This Video

Andrea Owen Heart & Soul – The Courage Of a New Beginning

I can’t think of a better interview to start off 2013 than Andrea and her powerful story. Here’s a story about honesty, courage, determination and the unconquerable soul that allows you, no matter what’s happened, to begin again.Watch This Video