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Category Archives: Heart and Soul

Sara Avant Stover Heart & Soul – The Gift Of Feminine Flow

My guest today Today Sara Avant Stover is a breath of truth, compassion and love and I really can’t wait to share her wisdom and presence with all of you. May you always remember to listen to your inner voice and allow it to gently and consciously guide your heart.Watch This Video

Yuladi Saluti Heart & Soul – Gratitude in Action

On this Thanksgiving day I have an incredible surprise for you, the story of a woman who found her strength through an unfortunate series of events, and who today is an example of gratitude in action for so many people including me.Watch This Video

Nathalie Lussier Heart & Soul – Online Techy With a Huge Heart

Nathalie is an incredibly talented woman who left a lasting impression on me from the very first moment I interacted with her. Perhaps What I love most about her (aside from being incredibly knowledgeable and wise on ALL THINGS Tech related, is that she has a HUGE heart.Watch This Video

Erin Giles Heart & Soul – The Power of One

I’m excited to share the light of a woman who’s a genuine example of service and whose work reflects the synergistic collaborative power that comes about when your soul is ignited by an idea that moves your soul to action.Watch This Video

Bari Tessler Heart & Soul – Money Healing

I’m very excited to share my interview with Bari Tessler a courageous woman who teaches one of the most essential and yet often misunderstood topics of all times, money healing.Watch This Video