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Your Great Life TV - Dare To Live Fully - Part 28
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Bari Tessler Heart & Soul – Money Healing

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I’m very excited to share my interview with Bari Tessler a courageous woman who teaches one of the most essential and yet often misunderstood topics of all times, money healing.Watch This Video

The Myth of Aging

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Most human beings have a deep rooted belief that to age means to become less flexible, endure less, get tired more easily. Today I share an example that will help you realize that what’s common is not what is normal and that there is an alternative to what most people experience.Watch This Video

Nitika Chopra Heart & Soul – Adding Color To Your Life

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Radiant, honest, soulful, funny and powerful are just a few of the words I can think of to describe my friend Nitika Chopra. I invite you to find out what makes Nitty unique on this in-depth journey into her soul. Watch This Video

What if The Opposite Were True

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My video today is a personal invitation to employ your courage in order to see possibilities before seeing problems, and be able to see it (life, a new opportunity, a challenge) working before seeing it not working.

Jackie Dumaine Heart & Soul – Yoga of the Heart

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My friend Jackie Dumaine is a radiant example of this and living proof that when you connect your heart’s yearning with your purpose, you’re allowed to create a life that is fulfilling while serving others.Watch This Video