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Doing more with what you’ve got

It’s so easy to lose perspective in life and fail to see the incredible, mind blowing abundance we all get the privilege of living in. I was so deeply touched by something I saw this weekend that I had to share this message with you in hopes it awakens even more hunger in you to serve others.Watch This Video

Nisha Moodley Heart & Soul – Freedom is YOUR choice

Blessed and smiling from having had a chance to interview the radiant Nisha Moodley. If you want to create a life with more freedom, you’ve got to hear what she has to share. “When you assume love, EVERYTHING in life occurs differently” – NishaWatch This Video

The most important decision you can make today

Have you ever wondered how do some people go through the most difficult situations in life and manage to turn around and become examples for humanity, while others get emotionally attached to their pain? Today I share one of the most powerful distinctions you can make in your life if you want to lead a life of meaning and fulfillment.Watch This Video

Heart & Soul with Amber Krzys – Love your body and be free

Most women and a large number of men experience a love-hate relationship with their bodies, loving some parts of it and hating others. I’m so excited to share my friend Amber Krzys, founder of Bodyheart with you because her entire mission is liberating women from their body punishment prison.Watch This Video

Being Elmo & being you

Today I’m reviewing a documentary that carries within a truth about you and me an anyone and everyone who’s ever felt an inner urge to create, to share a spark of light for the benefit of humanity. May this gentle reminder help remind you to always be, feel, think and act your deepest gift to all.Watch This Video