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Kute Blackson Interview – Compassion is a Verb

Today is a big day for yourgreatlifetv and an example of why my life is such a blessing. I get to share with you the heart a deeply courageous man, Kute Blakson, a world renown spiritual leader, transformational coach and profound human being who will touch your heart in a way that few people can.Watch This Video

The courage to be you

It’s easy to suppress your deepest voice when you feel scared without fully realizing that this suppression ultimately leads to a half lived life. Today I share an experience that helped me make a decision to be more honest with myself regardless of what others might think of me.Watch This Video

Heart & Soul with @Zoe_Wild : Surrendering to bliss

I have the honor today of sharing with you a friend of mine who radiates such a bright and healing light, that simply being in contact with her presence (even if in a “virtual” sense) creates a deep sense of peace and sustainable joy. Zoë Wild is an inspiring woman who not only has a powerful message to share with the world, but also a compassionate and boundless energy of love.Watch This Video

The biggest mistake in life & the illusion of spring

We often think of life as a predictable film when in reality, this illusion is responsible for the demise of dreams. Today I reflect upon one of the biggest mistakes most of us make and challenge you to look at the openness of your heart moment to moment.Watch This Video

Sean Stephenson Interview – A real life hero leads the way

Today I share the light, the wisdom and depth of a man that many including myself consider a real life hero: Sean Stephenson. In this interview you will connect with a powerful message that invites you to set aside your limitations and insecurities and lead an exemplary life.Watch This Video