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The art of being fully awake (60 second video)

My 60 second video is an invitation to wake up from the dream and suck the marrow out of life today. It is in the most mundane and average of things that you can unleash all the force of the universe to do, be and say whatever your heart desires. Watch This Video

Could you start over again and win?

What if that thing you fear losing the most were gone in a heartbeat and you had to re-build it from scratch? (business, job, friendships). Do you have the certainty within that you could do it again and enjoy the process? Life is unpredictable, creating that strong sense of certainty within that you have all you need to handle anything life throws at you is one of the best habits you can cultivate. Today I explore this topic on my 3 minute video.Watch This Video

Why YOU can lead without followers: Heart & Soul with @DaveUrsillo

Today I sit down to talk about real leadership with a really cool dude: Dave Ursillo. This guy has discovered at 25 what many people take a lifetime to find out. Watch as he talks about leadership, purpose, and his brand new book “Lead Without followers”Watch This Video

Are you fully & madly in love with life?

If you answer this honestly, would you say you are truly in love with life? If the answer is not a resounding yes, I want to offer you a perspective on why anyone can feel a sense of deep gratitude and passion towards living right now. I will also share my newest free video program titled “Fall In Love With Life Today – 7 immediate Strategies to Reconnect With Your Purpose and Experience Fulfillment, Love & Abundance Now.Watch This Video

3 vital keys to consider if you want to live past your 60’s

Are you on a path to experience ultimate freedom in the form of vibrancy, health, energy and flexibility for your later years, or are you literally taking away weeks of your life with your current habits? Today I share three basic yet powerful areas of focus if you want to live a longer and more vibrant life.Watch This Video