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The life you almost lived (60 second video)

Today I want to ask you to reflect on the series of wasted little moments that will never come back and yet make all the difference between a life of misery or a life of transcendence. My post today is a wake up call to realize that you hold eternity in your hands by the simple, courageous, and passionate small and big choices you make or fail to make at every moment.Watch This Video

The art of eating chocolate naked – Heart & Soul with @KimberlyRiggins

Today I have the honor of sharing with you a beautiful soul (inside and out) who is authentic, insightful and so full of life. Kimberly Riggins is the creator of “The Art of eating Chocolate Naked” a movement whose mission is to help women embrace themselves just as they are. I guarantee that if you watch the video today you will gain invaluable insights that can instantly help you understand, love and appreciate who you are more, regardless of your current path.Watch This Video

How to step into an objective reality?

Have you ever had a firm belief that something was true only to realize through an embarrassing experience that you were absolutely wrong? What if today there are hidden false beliefs in your mind that are not allowing you to create the level of freedom and passion you want and deserve. Today I share an experience that became a metaphor in my life for knowing that life is often different than what we think.Watch This Video

Are you ready to experience the real taste of life?

This Great Life Health Post is an invitation to re-discover the taste of the foods you eat so that you can savour life more intensely whether you are actually eating or just being. How consciously do you eat the majority of your meals?Watch This Video

A simple strategy to ensure you have a magnificent day

Have you ever gotten off the wrong exit while you drive? How crazy would it be to continue driving to the wrong destination after you realize you are not on the right path? Sometimes we get off the wrong exit in life and forget to get back on the main road. My post today shares an extremely simple yet powerful way to ensure you can get back into the right track every single day.Watch This Video